Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Hair Trend?

I spotted a new trend today, and I think it will take the fashion world by storm. The creativity is so amazing, and the combinations are endless. It could be as dramatic or a subtle as you like.
Drew Barrymore was spotted wearing this trend at the Toronto International Film Festival. It looks like she put the tips of her blond hair into black hair dye, resulting in a creative look that she can totally pull off.
The thing that I love most about this look is that the possibilties can be anything. Brown with purple, Brown with blonde, Brown with Red, I think you get the idea.
The only thing is, the precsion might be hard to replicate yourself. Salon or at-home treatments? The decsion could go either way.
What do you think of this daring look? Would you ever consider it? Would you go to a salon to get this look, or do it yourself at home? Comment below!

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